Data Entry Jobs Work From Home Sites for Beginners

published on 04 January 2024

Finding legitimate data entry work from home can be daunting for beginners without experience.

But with the right strategies and site recommendations, new home-based data entry careers can launch successfully.

This guide covers top remote job boards for entry-level openings, skills needed, resume tips, and actionable ways to start working in data entry from home.

Introduction to Data Entry Jobs from Home

Data entry jobs allow people to work remotely from the comfort of their own home. This type of work involves inputting, organizing, and managing data for companies and organizations. As more businesses shift operations online, data entry roles are becoming increasingly common remote work opportunities.

Understanding Data Entry as a Remote Career Option

Data entry encompasses a wide range of administrative roles focused on handling data, including:

  • Data Entry Clerk - Enters data into databases and spreadsheet programs. Checks data for accuracy.
  • Data Entry Specialist - Reviews and verifies data for quality and accuracy. May assist with reporting needs.
  • Data Entry Manager - Oversees data entry operations. Leads team of entry-level specialists and clerks.

These positions offer the flexibility to work 100% remotely from home by processing data online. Data entry is an accessible entry-level field for those new to remote work, with options for full-time, part-time, contract, and freelance roles.

Benefits of Data Entry Jobs from Home

Pursuing data entry work from home provides several advantages:

  • Flexible schedule - Set your own hours and work at your own pace without a fixed 9-5 schedule.
  • Location independence - Work remotely from anywhere with an internet connection. No commute required.
  • Part-time opportunities - Data entry roles allow part-time and freelance work. Ideal for supplemental income.
  • Entry-level access - Data entry jobs tend to require less experience, making them more accessible for beginners.
  • Transferable skills - Build administrative expertise in data management applicable across industries.

Types of Data Entry Jobs: Full-Time, Part-Time, and Freelance

Data entry work can be pursued as a full-time employee, part-time worker, or independent freelancer:

  • Full-Time - Ongoing 40 hour per week data entry role with a single company. Usually has benefits.
  • Part-Time - Works less than 40 hours, allowing a flexible schedule. May be hourly or project-based.
  • Freelance - Independent contractor handling short-term data tasks for multiple clients. Works on own schedule.

Carefully consider which arrangement best suits your needs and availability as you search for entry-level data entry jobs from home.

Which website is best for data entry work?

When looking for data entry work from home, there are a few great sites that provide reliable job opportunities for beginners:


  • Leading workforce management company that offers data entry contracts for government and private companies
  • Provides training and certification programs to help new data entry workers build skills
  • Offers full-time, part-time and freelance data entry positions
  • Has openings for general data entry, medical billing, insurance claim processing, etc.
  • Easy online application and onboarding process


  • Popular freelance job platform with data entry gigs for all experience levels
  • Features hourly and fixed-price jobs in data entry, administrative work, virtual assistance etc.
  • Lets you create a profile to showcase your skills and experience
  • Provides tools to track work, submit invoices, get paid securely
  • Wide range of clients looking to outsource business processes

Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Amazon's crowdsourcing marketplace with simple data tasks you can complete online
  • Includes data entry, data labelling, content moderation, survey participation etc.
  • Allows setting your own work hours and getting paid per completed task
  • Easy sign-up process and large pool of tasks to pick from
  • Reliable source for basic data entry work with flexible schedule

The best sites provide training, certification, profile building tools, large client pools, variety of data tasks, and flexibility. Evaluate factors like pay rate, workload, skills required, and reviews when selecting opportunities.

How can I work as a data entry from home?

Here are the key steps to start working in data entry from home:

Start doing data entry work on freelance project websites

  • Websites like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer offer a range of data entry jobs you can do as a freelancer.
  • Create a profile highlighting your skills, experience, and data entry capabilities.
  • Bid on relevant data entry projects that match your abilities.
  • Complete projects professionally to build up your profile and reviews.

Make sure the websites on which you work are trustworthy

  • Research any website thoroughly before working for them or providing personal information.
  • Check reviews and feedback from other freelancers to ascertain a site's legitimacy.
  • Avoid websites asking for financial or sensitive personal data upfront.

On job-board websites, look for full-time telecommuting jobs

  • Websites like FlexJobs, and We Work Remotely list reliable fully remote data entry jobs.
  • Search for entry-level data entry roles that align with your abilities.
  • Tailor your resume and cover letters when applying.
  • Join relevant Facebook Groups, Subreddits and LinkedIn Communities to find data entry opportunities.
  • Network with professionals in the field to discover new openings.

Make sure you have the needed attributes

  • Accuracy and attention to detail are vital for data entry. Brush up on these skills.
  • Proficiency in data entry tools and MS Office is also key.

Create a résumé

  • Highlight computer literacy, typing speed, data entry experience and soft skills.
  • List key achievements, metrics and proficiencies relevant to the roles you want.
  • Get your resume critiqued by data entry professionals.

What company pays most data entry?

When looking for data entry jobs to work from home, it's important to know which companies offer the highest pay. According to self-reported salary data on Glassdoor, some of the top-paying data entry jobs can be found at:


  • Average Hourly Rate: $31/hr
  • Number of Salaries Reported: 91

Google requires fast and accurate data entry for many of its products and services. Data entry roles at Google often require expertise in specific programs and data systems.


  • Average Hourly Rate: $19/hr
  • Number of Salaries Reported: 88

Amazon hires data entry workers for ecommerce tasks like adding product information and processing orders. Data entry jobs at Amazon tend to be fast-paced but offer remote work opportunities.

Online Data Entry Job

  • Average Hourly Rate: $18/hr
  • Number of Salaries Reported: 71

This online job board posts data entry jobs from various companies. Pay rates vary but often exceed minimum wage. It's a good site to browse multiple data entry options.


  • Average Hourly Rate: $16/hr
  • Number of Salaries Reported: 55

Walmart data entry jobs involve managing product data, purchase orders, inventory records, and more. These roles allow remote work but require availability during typical business hours.

The pay rate for a data entry job can depend on your skills, experience level, and the hiring company. But large tech and retail companies often offer higher pay compared to small businesses. Review multiple job listings to compare hourly wages and other benefits.

How legit is online data entry job?

Online data entry jobs can certainly be legitimate ways to earn an income while working remotely. However, as with any remote position, it's important to vet opportunities thoroughly before providing personal information or paying any fees.

Here are a few tips for spotting legitimate data entry job listings:

  • Check company reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed. Legitimate companies should have multiple detailed reviews describing the interview and onboarding process. Be wary of companies with no reviews or only positive reviews.
  • Look for precise job descriptions. Quality listings will describe exact duties, technology used, pay rate per hour/project, and qualifications needed. Generic descriptions could indicate a scam.
  • Research the hiring manager and company executives. Their LinkedIn profiles should show reasonable career histories. Fake profiles can signify a sketchy company.
  • Avoid opportunities requesting fees for training or equipment. Legitimate companies provide technology and training for free.
  • Consider site reputation. Trusted remote job boards like FlexJobs, and We Work Remotely vet their listings. Jobs on less reputable sites may lack screening.

By carefully examining factors like these, you can determine if a data entry posting is trustworthy. Taking your time to research can help avoid falling victim to work from home scams. Reach out to the hiring manager with any questions not clearly addressed in the job description. With due diligence, you can find a legitimate data entry job enabling you to work remotely.


Requirements and Skills Needed for Entry-Level Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs work from home sites provide opportunities even for those without prior experience. However, some core competencies are still expected. Understanding these requirements helps newcomers evaluate if data entry aligns with their abilities.

Basic Computer and Tech Literacy

You'll need a basic comfort level using computers, web applications, and common software programs. Specific skills include:

  • Proficient typing and data entry speed
  • Operating systems like Windows and MacOS
  • Web browsers like Chrome and Firefox
  • Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Data entry programs like Access, QuickBooks, etc.
  • Ability to quickly learn new software interfaces

While extensive technical expertise isn't mandatory, basic computer literacy across common platforms and tools used in data entry jobs allows you to work efficiently.

Productivity and Time Management Abilities

Data entry productivity benchmarks help assess work capacity. Employers may test typing speed or data entry keystroke rate. Time management abilities also allow you to effectively complete assignments.

  • Typing speed: ~45+ words per minute
  • Keystroke rate: ~8,000-10,000 per hour
  • Time management abilities to meet deadlines
  • Self-motivation and productivity working independently

Developing your productivity, optimizing your work environment, and managing your schedule helps meet targets.

Attention to Detail and Data Accuracy

Carefully proofreading details and achieving high levels of data quality are pivotal for many data entry jobs.

  • Accuracy of inputted data is critical
  • Proofreading abilities to catch errors
  • Eye for detail across records and datasets
  • Understanding impact of errors on operations

Developing diligent quality assurance habits early on demonstrates attention to detail expected in the field.

Data Entry Jobs Work from Home Sites No Experience

Here are recommended platforms offering data entry jobs for beginners:

  • Upwork - Freelance job marketplace with data entry gigs open to new entrants
  • Fiverr - Services marketplace with entry-level data entry tasks
  • Amazon Mturk - Microtask platform with data entry HITs (tasks)
  • FlexJobs - Job site with beginner-friendly data entry openings
  • Remotasks - Platform with basic data tasks and data labeling jobs

Leverage these sites to gain initial experience. As you build your resume, consider specializing in industries like healthcare, legal services, or finance for better long term prospects.

Creating an Effective Data Entry Resume and Cover Letter

Optimizing Your Resume for Data Entry

When applying for data entry positions, your resume should emphasize key skills like:

  • Proficiency with data entry software and databases
  • Typing speed and accuracy
  • Attention to detail and information organization
  • Productivity metrics and quality control

Use bullet points to highlight your experience with administrative tasks like:

  • Entering data into databases and spreadsheets
  • Managing records in CRM platforms
  • Processing paperwork and forms
  • Organizing files in shared drives

Listing metrics can showcase your capabilities, for example:

  • 95% typing accuracy at 60 WPM
  • Processed over 500 documents per week
  • Created database of 5000 customer records

Crafting a Persuasive Data Entry Cover Letter

An effective cover letter should communicate:

  • Enthusiasm for administrative work
  • Willingness to learn new platforms and processes
  • Reliability to handle high volumes of data

Emphasize how your skills in areas like:

  • Data analysis
  • Quality control
  • Information management

Make you well-suited for data entry roles. Discuss examples of how you:

  • Created organizational systems to track information
  • Identified and fixed data inconsistencies
  • Streamlined data collection processes

Reiterate your motivation to develop specialized data entry skills. Highlight key strengths like consistency, patience, and productivity that will allow you to thrive in the role.

Resume Examples for Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Clerk

  • Managed paperwork flow for 50+ client accounts
  • Organized over 10,000 files in shared drives
  • Entered 1500 data points weekly into CRM with 99% accuracy

Data Entry Specialist

  • Created databases of 5000+ customer records
  • Developed data entry procedures to improve consistency
  • Increased team productivity by 20% over 6 months

The examples highlight metrics, systems created, and productivity gains that exhibit capabilities for data entry positions. Quantifying achievements helps showcase your specialized experience.

Top Sites to Find Entry-Level Data Entry Jobs from Home

This section recommends leading work-from-home job boards, staffing platforms, and companies offering data entry opportunities suited for first-time remote workers.

FlexJobs: A Hub for Remote Data Entry Jobs

FlexJobs is a premium job board specializing in screened remote, part-time, and flexible job listings across multiple career fields. With a specific category for data entry jobs, they offer a range of entry-level openings from leading employers.

Benefits for beginners:

  • All jobs vetted for legitimacy
  • Entry-level friendly data entry jobs
  • Administrative and clerical openings
  • Part-time and full-time options
  • Major companies like Amazon and Dell

As a paid platform with rigorous screening, FlexJobs ensures quality over quantity when it comes to reliable home-based data entry roles for first-timers. Diverse Online Data Entry Jobs features online data entry jobs across diverse industries like healthcare, finance, technology, and more. With plenty of entry-level openings, it's a great spot to find your first legitimate home-based data entry gig.

Key perks:

  • Broad range of industries
  • Entry-level and junior data entry jobs
  • Full-time and contract roles
  • Leading national and global companies
  • New jobs added daily

Covering various data entry specializations beyond general admin, opens up more niche entryways into growing remote work fields. Daily Updated Data Entry Listings

As a pioneering work-from-home job site, RatRaceRebellion compiles screened legit data entry opportunities from across the web. With daily updated listings and direct links to apply, it's an excellent resource for entry-level openings.

Why it's ideal for beginners:

  • New data entry jobs added daily
  • Direct links to apply
  • Entry-level and junior roles
  • Screened for scams and legitimacy
  • Admin, clerical, and other openings

With a specialized data entry job section that's frequently updated, RatRaceRebellion saves you time finding and vetting real home-based openings as a first-timer.

Amazon Work from Home Data Entry Jobs

As one of the world's largest employers with extensive remote work offerings, Amazon hires for various entry-level data entry roles nation and worldwide.

Advantages of Amazon data entry jobs:

  • Global leader in ecommerce and technology
  • Entry-level data entry openings
  • Full-time employee positions
  • Competitive pay and benefits
  • Ability to transition roles over time

With continuous growth across industries, those starting in Amazon data entry jobs can gain valuable experience leading to career advancement in tech and beyond.

Key Strategies for Beginners Seeking Data Entry Work

Take Online Courses and Certifications

Taking online courses and earning certifications in data entry can help set you apart when applying for entry-level remote work. Look for affordable, beginner-friendly programs that teach widely-used data entry tools like Excel, Access, QuickBooks, medical billing systems, and more. Certifications demonstrate you have mastered specific skills and can hit the ground running. Highlight these credentials prominently on your resume.

Some top providers of online data entry courses include:

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • edX
  • FutureLearn

When evaluating courses, check that they cover beginner to intermediate skills for the latest versions of data tools. Opt for programs with hands-on projects you can showcase to employers.

Set Up Job Alerts and Use Multiple Sites

Cast a wide net by setting up job alerts on major online job boards and checking niche data entry sites daily. This expands your visibility into the sheer volume of remote openings.

Top mainstream and specialized sites to bookmark include:

  • FlexJobs
  • We Work Remotely
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Freelancer
  • RatRaceRebellion
  • Idealist
  • Dice
  • ZipRecruiter
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Monster
  • Indeed

Create alerts for "remote data entry" on these sites to get emails when new relevant postings are listed. Check sites routinely too as some positions get claimed quickly. Leverage filters to narrow down entry-level and contract data roles suited to beginners.

Networking and Joining Data Entry Communities

Networking within data entry social media groups and professional associations lets you make connections and find unlisted openings. Great places to start include:

  • Remote Work Hub on Facebook
  • Virtual Vocations on LinkedIn
  • FlexJobs Community Forums
  • American Medical Billing Association
  • AAPC Medical Coding Facebook Groups

Participate regularly by commenting on discussions and direct messaging members about entry-level opportunities. As you build relationships, more exclusive data gigs may arise through referrals before they ever hit the public job boards.

Attending virtual data entry conferences and meetup events also facilitates networking. Keep an eye out for free community gatherings that welcome beginners.

Exploring Different Types of Data Entry Work

Data entry encompasses a wide range of roles beyond just typing and entering information. Some common types of data entry jobs include:

Typing Jobs and Transcription Work

Transcription involves listening to audio recordings and typing out the words verbatim. Transcription jobs require excellent typing skills, great listening abilities, and a high degree of accuracy. Places to find transcription work include:

  • Specialized transcription companies like Rev and TranscribeMe
  • General freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr
  • Directly applying for openings at legal firms or healthcare providers

This work often involves transcribing meetings, interviews, legal depositions, medical dictations, or audio/video files. Pay rates vary greatly depending on difficulty, turnaround time, and provider.

Billing and Medical Coding Data Entry Jobs

Medical billing and coding is a common data entry niche. These administrative jobs involve submitting insurance claims using medical codes that describe diagnoses, procedures, services, etc. Key qualifications include:

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Basic medical terminology knowledge
  • Proficiency with billing software
  • Certifications like CPC, CRC, or CCS

Openings can be found at healthcare providers, insurance companies, and remote medical billing firms. Pay scales with experience and certification level.

The Role of a Virtual Assistant in Data Entry

Virtual assistants perform various administrative tasks for clients remotely. Data entry often falls under their responsibilities when working with small business owners, lawyers, real estate agents, etc.

Virtual assistant jobs can be found on sites like Upwork, Fiverr, and FlexJobs. Pay rates are usually hourly or project-based. While no specific education is required, strong organisation, communication and technical skills are essential.

Conclusion: Launching Your Data Entry Career from Home

To recap, remote data entry jobs provide flexible opportunities for beginners to gain administrative experience from home. By understanding requirements, optimizing your resume, using reputable sites, and expanding your search, you can secure entry-level data entry work.

Key Takeaways for Aspiring Data Entry Professionals

Data entry offers an accessible path to remote work for newcomers. Focus on computer literacy, productivity, accuracy, and leading job sites to find openings matching your background.

  • Data entry roles prioritize skills like typing speed, attention to detail, and using spreadsheets or databases. Brush up on these areas.
  • Many openings specify a typing speed of around 40-55 WPM with high accuracy. Test yours at
  • Create a resume highlighting administrative experience, computer abilities, and key soft skills like organization, communication, and reliability.
  • Lead with your education and relevant coursework if lacking professional experience. Consider adding online certifications in data entry or computer applications.
  • Search entry-level remote data entry jobs on sites like FlexJobs,, and We Work Remotely.

Next Actions for Data Entry Job Seekers

Take online courses to add data entry skills, craft a tailored resume, set up job alerts, and check high-quality boards daily to secure your first entry-level data entry position.

  • Enroll in an online data entry course like those on Coursera to gain proficiency.
  • Optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems by including relevant keywords.
  • Set up email alerts for new remote data entry openings on go-to job boards.
  • Check sites daily and apply early when finding entry-level openings matching your abilities.
  • Highlight your potential to multitask, meet deadlines, and achieve accuracy benchmarks.

With preparation and persistence, beginners can access remote data entry jobs enabling work from home flexibility. Develop expertise in computer applications and soft skills to gain a competitive edge for openings.

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